Our team of experts carry out their work with new technologies and artificial intelligence applied to the health sector in order to treat existing diseases and at the same time prevent and detect possible future pathologies early.

All this is managed through our innovative internal system to carry out a multidisciplinary intervention and thus generate the diagnosis, treatment and specific follow-up with the greatest possible comfort for the patient.


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In the field of neurological disorders, we provide first-class health care, with approachable professionals of excellent training and experience. This is part of the multidisciplinary team involved with the complex persistent covid19 syndrome.

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We believe that as parents one of the most important objectives is that our children are healthy and happy. From our perspective it is very important to establish a relationship with a paediatrician.

Our paediatricians have extensive experience in the care of children and in the management of all aspects of their health and development, as well as in the diagnosis and treatment of acute diseases and chronic conditions.

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The family doctor should be the one who provides comprehensive and continuous care to individuals and their families. They should be the one who takes the first steps in the diagnosis of suspected disorders, and, if necessary, is the central axis that delegates evaluations to specialists.

We are proud to give the importance that this specialty deserves and that is why we have specialist doctors in family and community medicine with excellent training and an outstanding career.

Education and proximity are the cornerstones of our project.

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Our Centre has a trauma team with excellent training and experience, of national and international reputation. Osteo-articular problems can be a great limitation in everyday life, for this reason, we not only work on the control of symptoms but also focus on restoring full functionality to the joint and ensuring its duration.


Speech Therapy involves the study, prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of human communication disorders. We treat pathologies and alterations in voice, speech, language, hearing and orofacial functions in both children and adults.

They are not only present in neurodegenerative pathologies such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s Disease among others, but also in new pathologies such as dysphonia in patients who have suffered from Covid19.

We offer you professionals with excellent training, proven track records and a multidisciplinary investigative vision to be able to live up to your expectations.


Dermatology is a medical-surgical specialty. At Centre Cugat Salut comprehensive care will be provided based on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care and rehabilitation of the patient with dermatological disease or patients with skin manifestations of systemic diseases.

In collaboration with Dr. Daniel Brualla and his dermatology team from the INCADE institute we offer: advanced cosmetic dermatology, advanced cosmetic surgery, advanced dermatological laser clinic, advanced anti-aging medicine, medical and surgical treatment of skin cancer, facial and corporal plastic surgery, comprehensive body aesthetics, aesthetics without surgery, cutaneous rejuvenation and ablative and non-ablative facial and body cutaneous photo-rejuvenation.

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Our team offers you the best option for the diagnosis of disorders that affect the urinary system of both sexes through the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

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When a child has trouble learning, speaking, or behaving, parents want answers and help. We have an expert multidisciplinary team that will provide family-centred care. Our team has extensive experience in child development.

Unidad de Psiquiatría icono


The Covid19 pandemic has had terrible consequences in our lives and has disrupted the fundamental pillars of our society such as leisure, education, work, interpersonal relationships or how we say goodbye to our loved ones … Many people have not been able to adapt and other people with mood disorders have had their quality of life impaired. Children with learning disabilities have suffered either from a lack of early diagnosis or from a lack of adequate follow-up.

Our Medical Centre has a psychiatry and psychology team that not only stands out for its training and experience, but also for its human qualities so that you or those close to you receive the highest quality of care.

Unidad de Nutrición icon


We are proud to have a nutrition and dietetics team headed by Dr. Silvia Zaragoza, with a notable track record in this field, with outstanding publications in prestigious magazines and media. Together with the endocrinology team, they will offer you a first class comprehensive service.

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It is a Specialty that studies the effects of physical activity on the body and analyses the relationship with established diseases such as cardiovascular, metabolic and musculoskeletal, and the treatment of acute and chronic injuries derived from physical activity

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It is a very broad medical-surgical specialty.

At Centre Cugat Salut we have professionals with impeccable training and experience who provide quality care in relation to the health and gynaecological prevention of healthy patients, early detection and treatment of frequent cancers such as breast cancer, uterus, etc.

We guarantee empathic treatment during pregnancy and menopause.


Talk to us and we will evaluate your case in detail.